Our History

Dupont Nursery was founded in 1975 by Robert Dupont,Jr. Robert, known as ‘Robbie’, began a local retail nursery in the small town of Plaquemine, Louisiana right next door to his father’s (Bobby) florist. Robbie quickly learned about growing plants during his spare time behind the retail nursery. He began selling small quantities to other local retail nurseries. In 1985, Robbie opened a fully operational wholesale growing operation which is now a thriving business. What started as a small greenhouse and office building has grown into one of the south’s largest wholesale nurseries consisting of 11 greenhouses and 500,000 square feet of growing area. Dupont Nursery adopted a niche early on, growing rare and unusual bedding plants along with many common varieties. All of their plants are started in-house as unrooted cuttings or seeds, in their state of the art liner production facility. Those liners are then grown into finished product for local retail nurseries from Texas to Florida and everywhere in between. Dupont Nursery remains a family business today as Robbie’s sons Jeffrey and Robert also help manage operations.

When Bobby Dupont retired from the florist industry in 1995, he went on an unrelenting mission to create new and dramatic cultivars of Cajun Hibiscus™.

A chance meeting brought Bobby together with Father Robert Gerlich, an avid hibiscus breeder, professor of history at Loyola University of New Orleans and President of the New Orleans Chapter of the American Hibiscus Society. Their friendship—and their breeding efforts—quickly grew.

Since Bobby’s death in 2017, his grandson Jeffrey and Father Gerlich continue his legacy, testing new seedlings in an extensive breeding program. With thousands of hibiscus seedlings under their care, they carefully choose only the best and brightest to add to Dupont Nursery’s full line of Cajun Hibiscus™.

From the heart of Cajun country, you can count on Cajun Hibiscus™ for vigorous growth and beautiful blooms.

Bobby Dupont